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The Van den Bergs are experienced assignment photographers. Heinrich van den Berg has spent many years in the field, capturing images of African wildlife and the natural beauty of the continent. Highly acclaimed as a wildlife and nature photographer, he has won many international and local photographic awards. He was the first photographer to win the Eric Hoskings Award of the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year for two consecutive years. He has also won the international Camel Trophy photographic competition, and was one of the official international photographers for the Camel Trophy in 1998. His photographs grace numerous books, calendars, magazine portfolios and photographic products worldwide.
In 1998 Van den Berg left his profession as a civil engineer to become a wildlife photographer. Since then he has travelled the world photographing wildlife, culture and adventure sport with a uniquely artistic eye. In his bid to 'tell a story in every picture', he has climbed icy volcanoes in Argentina and Chile, tracked endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda, searched for rare chameleons in Madagascar, wandered through the sacred temples of Cambodia, and walked the steamy forests of Borneo and Sumatra to photograph the elusive orangutan. He has photographed extensively in Southern Africa, where he lives, capturing on film the elusive leopard in Kruger National Park, the desert elephant in Namibia’s Kaokoland, and the captivating birdlife of Botswana.
Van den Berg has done assignment photography for Getty Images, National Geographic, the Peaceparks Foundation, BHP Billiton and Discovery Communications. Assignment photography done for Discovery’s Animal Planet includes still images for the Meerkat Manor series, as well as a recent shoot at Harnas Rehabilitation Centre in Namibia.
Van den Berg’s photographs are known for breaking boundaries and depicting the natural world in a fresh and evocative way. To ensure that the quality of images is maintained from the field to the printed page, Van den Berg is intimately involved with the reproduction and printing process – from the colour correction to the design and final production of his sought-after wildlife books. Since 2001 Van den Berg has published 12 photographic wildlife books.

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