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Armand Grobler

Photo Safari: Kruger

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Photo Safari Kruger is a collection of images highlighting the natural splendour and extraordinary wildlife of the Greater Kruger region through the lens of a photographic safari. Armand Grobler captures the emotion and unique interactions of the local wildlife, utilising creative photographic skills and techniques to captivate readers, while sharing his own memorable experiences and safari stories that will keep you entertained on every page.

Appreciate the magnificent wildlife of Kruger through the lens of Armand Grobler, as he guides us on a photo safari.

Armand Grobler was born in South Africa, but spent his childhood in the surf, sand and forests of Sydney on the east coast of Australia. It wasn’t long before Armand developed a passion for wildlife and a calling to nature. At the age of 12, he began to imitate his Australian hero, the wildlife icon Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter), catching snakes, lizards and whatever else he could find, creating his own wildlife documentaries and holding reptile shows at various events. As a volunteer at the famous Taronga Zoo, he gained valuable knowledge and experience, teaching people not only about wildlife, but also the importance of connecting with nature, a view that would eventually lead him to follow his dreams from the Australian continent to Africa. Today, Armand is an enthusiastic wildlife photographer and experienced nature guide, hosting photographic safaris in the Greater Kruger, Kalahari, and Okavango regions of southern Africa. Photo Safari Kruger is Armand’s first book.