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  • Reflection - HPH Publishing South Africa
  • Reflection - HPH Publishing South Africa
  • Reflection - HPH Publishing South Africa
  • Reflection - HPH Publishing South Africa
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SIZE: 390mm x 320mm

PAGES: 224

ISBN: 9780620611114

Heinrich van den Berg

Internationally-awarded photographer and writer Heinrich van den Berg follows his popular Shades of Nature and Art of Nature with the inspired Reflection. A work of staggering depth as well as artistic beauty, Reflection represents a lifetime’s photography portfolio, a showcase of poetic wildlife photographs and moving insights into their subjects - and into Life.

Exhibiting not only unforgettable photography but also a groundbreaking design concept and poetic philosophy, Reflection is about the elements of change: their challenges, their victories, and their intimate links to the natural world. The book’s visual progression artfully interweaves these elements - Contemplation, Preparation, Action, Relapse, Maintenance, Royalty, Intelligence, Balance, Joy and Strength - with text that transcends the documentary, and whose layers run deep.  



Author Biography   

Heinrich van den Berg is an international award-winning wildlife photographer, and is also an accomplished writer and publisher. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Van den Berg is well known for pushing the boundaries of photography to create explosive images that are as beautiful as they are emotive.  

Van den Berg heads his own publishing company, HPH Publishing, and has successfully published over 20 full-colour wildlife titles since 2001. His books are highly acclaimed for both their quality and content.  

Along with other photographs from the HPH fold, Heinrich has featured prominently in numerous coffee-table books, calendars, magazine portfolios and other photographic publications worldwide. Both national and international magazines such as National Geographic, GEO, TERRA, Terra Sauvage, the New York Times, the Times of London, Getaway, Africa Geographic, Go! and numerous others have published HPH work.  

Van den Berg also shares his photography knowledge through exclusive workshops held in various parts of southern Africa.